Wednesday, May 10, 2006


its 2006 and i just had this time to update my blog. after almost a year of non-existence in the blog writing world. hahahhaha. anyway, nakikiisa ako sa mga GOKUSEN fans out there ngayon. well, i particularly like jun matsumo (a.k.a shin) well...erm... coz he's kinda cute and has that cool guy effect in the jdorama gokusen.haven't seen the manga version of gokusen but i heard that it's nice. whew! ang inet ng panahon. masarap maghalo-halo at ice cream. anyway, since summer is not yet over, i just want to share this tiny bit of observation. today, we can call the philippines a TSINELAS REPUBLIC. since islander and rambo era came beachwalk and now, the fast rising brand name in the category of tsinelas...tada!!! the ever sosyal havaianas and of course reef. anyway, nothing bad about wearing tsinelas as long as you keep your feet clean after a whole day of strolling around the mall. actually i'm quite a fan of those slippers, i actually have more pairs of slippers that leather shoes (well, what the heck, leathers are not part of "anne's fashion". it's so nice to write again. well, i hope i can update my blog everyday since i'm quite busy doing my portfolio and stuff. anyway. that's all for now...

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Its been a while, and well, hello, im back. two weeks ago, we went to singapore... lets see.. here's what happened in singapore.

MONDAY July 25

rode the philtranco bus going to clark,pampanga. waited for the flight, tiger airways. arrived in sinagpore at exactly 2:45. i was so engrossed with what i saw. the airpot's way cooler than the airport here in the philippines. the cabs are much nicer and "sosyal" than what we have here. from the airport, we hired a maxi cab (a van like cab for 5 or more people).while on the road going to our hotel the driver pushed some buttons in the cab and voila! mr. bean popped out the screen, well not popped out as in popped out,it was a portable television. so cool. arrived at the hotel lobby at 3:50 pm got sugar high with the yogurt flavored candies called sugus strawberry yogurt chews. we were all hungry and tired, so as we got our hotel key we left our luggages and went to a nearby kopi tiam place. enjoyed eating fried rice and hinanese chicken rice(steamed chicken with ginger sauce. after eating started walking around the vicinity, entered some "malls" as they call it, well its not like our malls here. theirs are like tiangges. other malls are within a business building, weird huh? anyways, during the first day singapore was freaking wet. rain poured during the whole day. but its okay. like they always say, the rain is a blessing. we went to sim lim and cheked out the gadgets, phones, computer peripherals and jewelries. it was just sooo cool its like a big IT center. how i wish i had my own money. haha. anyways, we the kopi tiam near our hotel. we even went to bugis village(night market) and there i bought this cool top. an asina inspired black top (like those that are worn by indians with the collar of the chinese dress)haha.we were so into walking that night that we reached the place called suntec city. its a 4 building commercial and business center, had a laser light fountain show and a big supermarket. as we reached the steps of the overpass, everybody felt hopeless (we couldnt move an inch farther, we were too tired) we ended up going back where we came from.went home with bags of fish crackers and prawn crackers. we walked home, not realizing how far our hotel was from bugis village and suntec city.


the rain kept falling all night.all our plans for that day was ruined. we had to go to places that were not in the itenerary. we went back again to suntec city.we had to see that popular laser light display at the founatin area. we saw tha laser light exhibit, it was so cool, hi-tech!anyways, we met some filipinos there working at bakeshops, one filipino even offered us a whole bar of free taste brownie fudge. yummy. filipinos in other countries are very generous and hospitable.kawawa naman sila, kase masasabi mong malungkot tlga sila our journey ends by dozing off our beds.


God is good. made the sun shine at 8 in the morning. had our bags packed with maps and brochures, sodas and water. (* dont forget the camera, my mom would say) anyways, before going to sentosa island, we first ate our breakfast at of course our hang out, kopi tiam on our third day, we realized that kopi tiam meant coffee house. hahaha. our favorite dish: fried rice (with the smok-y flavor).sentosa day. we decided to go to sentosa isalnd even if it was still raining a little. we went off and took a bus going to the station where all passenger to sentosa island are dropped off. as we arrived at the bus station we saw a very appealing bus, orange in color with yellow flowers on its side. we later realized that it was the bus going to sentosa. we knew that the cable car was under repair, but thanks to my cousin's good eyesight, she saw that sentosa's cable cars are ready. we went to the sentosa cable car ticket center and bought our entry passes and cable car tickets, it cost us $11.90 each. as we got on the cable car, everybody was laughing and of course, taking pictures of the view and ourselves. got off the cable car and i, in my usual excited state skipped merrily towards the main entrance of te island. took pictures and as we walked along, we saw an indian guy with snakes. brave hearted me, aked my mom if i could hold the snake and have my picture taken holding the 'sawa'. we paid 5 bucks for the rent of the snake for our pictures. haha!we then took the blue bus line and headed towards the underwater world. (i was so excited to go to the underwater world coz when i was in australia, i didnt have the chance to go inside the melbourne aquarium) any ways, we paid $19.50 each (the ticket included an entry for the dolphin show)i was so amazed with what i saw, there were so many sea creatures, water creatures.sharks, lots of nemos and flounders.haha. and so while waiting for the dolphin show, that would start at 3pm, my cousin and i went to the beach and walk along the shorline. it was so beautiful out there. peaceful and calm.. and with us there, it was weird. hahaha! took so many pictures at the beach. at 3 the dolphin show started and we were just so amazd to see the pink bellied dolphins strut their stuff. haha. after the show we went towards the magical dancing fountain.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


tomorrow's the day. going to singapore. still cant believe its true.the idea of me going to singapore still hasnt entered my senses. anyway, finished packing my things, as in really really complete and all ready to go. had my hair cut since it grew longer and 'fluffier'? hahaha. had it in a funky, layered and edgy style. i really really like my hairstyle is far different from the ones the parlor used to do.anyway. have to take my rest now.

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its not considered anymore a saturday night fever coz its already 1 am.its sunday already.anyway, got hooked up withso many things. packed my bag, scheduled an itenerary for our four day trip. went to my tita's house and spent hours and hours playing with rain, my niece. so life is not always abput having fun. its also about falling down and experiencing some pain - like my mom. hahaha. (sori mom!) well, she fell no, actually she tripped wearing her black sandals which i didnt like since the day she bought it.well, here goes.we went to medical city today to get some test results. we ate at the foodcourt area of the hospital.when going to the parking area, my mom and i chatted and shared stories and thiongs together then suddenly blog!she hell of a ursting bubble. then i found her on her knees. i was so shocked that i forgot to 'pick' her up, instead i balnkly stared at her waiting for the moment to sink in to my system.than i pulled her up then we both laughed. well, that was cool.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005


was supposed to do my photoshoot but didnt bother to go to school.babysitted my cutie pamangkin and went to mom bought our tickets going to the airport @ clark.had my pamangkin ride all the cute kiddie rides at the mall. bought fries at the bowling center. it was planned a week before that i would go bowling with my titas but decided not to join their game. well of course for one reason i didnt have my bowling balls with me, my wrister and my shoes. well anyway it was really cool to be with my mom and rain, my pamangkin .woke up at 8:30 today and fixed my shoes and other things. had all my clothes and stuffs packed in my backpack now. im almost finished now with my packing. had to buy some things from the grocery and voila! im done. i dont know with them (my mom and relatives) if they have already packed their things but me, im juts ready to go. singapore here i come! gotta go now. have to do more things and get ready.

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Friday, July 22, 2005


know me a little bit more.during my free time or whenever i feel like it, i always take these quizzes (personality, lifestyle, entertainment, teens etc.) at i would want to share some of my results for the sake of havin' fun and letting you the readers know me better.these were the test results i got from

according to tickle: fun at all costs. these are the words you live by. are you in the running for class clown — always cracking jokes, pantsing classmates, or making scenes? or are you more stealth with your jokes — anonymously making crank calls, planting fake vomit, and pulling fire alarms? whatever your prank-pulling MO, it's just a little harmless amusement you're after. and if making a fool out of yourself or getting into trouble is the consequence, you'll happily take it.
you've got a quick wit and spirited outlook on life that usually makes it hard for people not to forgive your playful and mischievous ways. just be sure your jokes and pranks don't wear out their welcome. that's no fun at all.

according to me: im not that bad after all.but i am not that kind of kiddo who would pull a prank on others that would hurt them for the sake of having fun. and in terms of consequences, i would gladly accept it with a pounding heart and with teary eyes.and yes, i have this good outlook in life. dont take life seriously, sometimes taking life too seriously ends up in really bad things. it goes the same for love.

according to tickle: when it comes to fashion, you're neither master nor slave. you love cute clothes (after all, you are a girl) but refuse to make it your life's work. that said, you do have your favorites- including a splurge or two. but it's okay; we won't let your secret out.when you're out shopping with friends, you tend to be one of the more practical of the group. in fact, we'd guess you're rarely one to sacrifice comfort for fashion. which is not to say you haven't been swept away by something fabulously impractical. but, be honest, when was the last time it made an appearance? so keep at it with your laid-back style that says to the world, "here i am, no muss no fuss."

according to me: as a multimedia student i guess i have developed this thing called 'i dress the way i like' not that laid back and stuff.i can really wear colorful clothes (a combination of an orange tee and 'sky' blue bottoms) on a monday and dress up drastically on a tuesday and wear an all black outfit on a wednesday and on a thursday wear something that looks like i just came out from bed and a friday be really 'myself'. the way i dress depends on my sometimes depends on my trip (how i would want to appear infront of those strangers and my family and friends).

according to tickle: you're less sinful than the average person.still, your sinful tendencies are running just below the surface and could start to affect your choices in life. for example, if you aren't careful, your relationship to what you consume may ultimately be your downfall. beware of letting what you eat and drink take over your life at the expense of your health and well-being. though you're less sinful than others, this, and the other sins you scored highest on, can still jeopardize the things that are most important to you. don't let them.

according to me: i have no comment on this or maybe i have a thing or two to say: 1.i might be an angel, having a result of being less sinful than the average person. and 2. i may be that little devil inside that everybody would hate eventually.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005


arrived home at exactly 10:30.thoughts wandered around the well lit edsa highway. i sat alone in the middle of a crowd full of strangers i dont know- with faces that projected boredom, happiness, sadness, irritation and many more. well, let me first talk about the things that happened to me during the long morning. woke up at 6 am, took a bath and other stuffs and went to school. sat on my computer and logged in into my yahoo messenger account. attentively listened to my teacher and did my seatwork patiently. after class bought 2 slices of pizza from pizza hut and a large pineapple juice drink from 7/11.slept throughout the whole afternoon 'til 4. watched this chick flick for the 2nd time(how to loose a guy in 10 days. went back to school to attend my most boring class.hahha. found out that autocad is not that boring and bad. its quite fun too, if youre so patient.anyway, left the room at 9:15 and rode the lrt. stood up for minutes and hurried to the next train station, the mrt.waited in line for around 5 mins. bought my train ticket and hurried down the stairs. sat in one of the train the train left the station i realized that i was all alone.seated in the middle without no one on my side. well, i was happy though. as the train stopped at the next station people swarmed and made they way through the closing train doors. obviously,the train operator got mad and announced via the microphone 'salamat sa pagpilit ninyong pumasok at naantala tayo' now that was really rude.anyways, as i got home ate dinner and sat infront of my pc. wondered whether to do my homework or not, well thought so..i ended up doing my blog instead and messaging friends who are online. well.gud night!

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its like 4 days before our sinagpore trip and i havent decided yet what to bring. i have to do so many things before i leave for my week long vacation. yep, i have to do a photoshoot of the life at our school. have no ideas yet.well anyway, am palnning to buy stuffs there, hopefully they're alot cheaper than here in the philippines.well, i planned on getting myself and my friends into a job trip. surfed the site of summitmedia and planned of working as a freelance artist there. baka macredit for ojt. have nothing to say but am pleased to hear that my thesis is going well- have my contacts ready na.

tomorrow would be my favorite subject. not my super favorite subject but im quite interested in web design. hahaha.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


got my back achin for hours na. anyways,ate at mcdonalds and went home at around 10:15 pm.bought sarsi from the sari-sari store and went up to our my project grade (the cr) and got a 93 for a anyway, my mom attended their company's 50th anniversary bash. got her face done and got dressed up in a black funky,classic dress.(she dressed up way beyond her that's what you call change)anyways,still got my sides aching.(owww.)well, im not in the mood to go to the hospital.not now.not only 5 days before our singapore trip.hahaha.(song playin- im so excited but i just can't hide it)well, cant stand the pain no more. got to go.bye.

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